Antec Twelve Hundred is the biggest case of the Gaming case series. The series started with the mid-sized Nine Hundred that target the LAN gamers with a kind of futuristic look, LED fans, side window and other features such people are looking for. It was later completed with a micro-sized version called Three Hundred that was a bit more portable. The case we are going to look at today is on the opposite, I.e. even bigger than Nine Hundred with more space and more cooling potential, enter Antec Twelve Hundred.

”It’s bigger and comes well equipped and ready for water cooling from scratch. It has room for plenty of harddrives and comes with lots of fans, whereof one measures 200mm and is seated in the top of the case for removing hot air that otherwise gathers inside of the case. That’s just one of many interesting features, the rest will be covered on the coming pages.”

 :: Antec Twelve Hundred

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