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Antec has launched a new model of the Sonata series, which has been fittingly named Antec Sonata III. Just like the previous models of the Sonata family, Antec is focusing on low level of noise and in a pretty convenient format. They call the case a Super Mini Tower, and it measures 42.5cm (H) x 46.3cm (D) x 20.6 cm (W) and weighs 9.1kg. The case has been equipped with a 500W EarthWatt power supply and two 120mm fans for cooling, one in the front and one in the rear.

”The Sonata III is whisper quiet when it comes to system noise while with the new High Definition front audio ports the sound you want your system to make will be crystal clear. And the front eSATA connector allows for simple data transfer.”

Antec Sonata III can be found at several online retailers and costs $100-130. It’s uncertain when the new case will be in stock, but considering how many stores that have started listing it, it should not be that far into the future.


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