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Antec has numerous case models to show and among them there are some pretty odd creations. Now that it has shown its coming Antec LanBoy Air case it adds to the odd bunch. The case ha a ray and industrial design developed for best possible cooling. The case has no regular panels but instead a mesh net for hiding the components, something that could optimize ventilation among components.

As the name hints LanBoy Air hints, it likes fans and airflow, and beside the five bundled 120mm fans there are is room for another 7 (!) 120mm fans. With a total of twelve 120mm fans cooling should not be a problem no matter the hardware.

The power supply is seated at the bottom of the case and beside the six 3.5″ slots there is also three 5.25″ slots for optical drives and such.

The design is quite bold and will most likely be either loved or hated by the buyers, the price at 200€ will probably scare away some buyers too. Antec LanBoy Air launches next year.


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