Antec Phantom 500W is the most powerful power supply in Antec’s series of passively cooled PSUs. By using passive cooling the noise is kept at a minimum and this is something many users appreciate. With Phantom 500W Antec has chosen to add a fan though, in other words it is not completely passive. Or to be even more precise, it is passive as long as it doesn’t need better cooling and only then the fan starts to spin. This solution isn’t exactly optimal, but not surprising, considering the power Antec’s new Phantom PSU can handle. We had a lot of positive things to say about Antec Phantom 350W, that we even awarded our ”Innovation award”, but does the bigger brother live up to our expectations?

”At the first glimpse inside the box it may look a bit lean: Manual, 4 screws, a power cord and the power supply. And that’s really all you need unless you’re after a bunch of stuff for added value, but this power supply is most of all for those who really know what they want; silence.”

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