Antec Phantom 350W is not a run of the mill power supply even if may very well look like it. Phantom is completely silent, in difference to many competitors. They have removed all fans and instead spent the time and money with designing the best possible casing that transfers the heat from the power supply to the air. With its robust black costume Antec Phantom wieighs in at 2.7kg, a real heavy weight competitor. We decided to find out if Phantom can deliver what it promises, a completely silent power supply with sufficient power.

”Silence is a conception which is a not all too known phenomena in computer contexts. There is a computer buzzing in almost every home now, and the buzz comes mainly from the fans. The manufacturers of fans has had a ”happy hour” since the computer became a product which everyone could afford.”

Read on about Antec Phantom 350W here at NordicHardware


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