Antec Performance One P190 came to this world bearing the weight of its predecessors on its shoulders. The Antec P180, P182 and P150 have all been showered with praise and they’re far from easy to follow. Antec has played it safe though and borrowed many of the elements that made the P18x cases such successes, made some small changes and extended the cases a couple of centimeters to make more room inside. But are all of the changes for the better and is the P190 really able to live up to the great reputation of the Performance One series? That’s what we will investigate in today’s review.

”Antec Performance One P190 is still a miditower, but both I and Antec would rather call it a Super Miditower, because it’s a very large and most of all heavy case. Antec has chosen to include two power supplies at 550 W and 650 W respectively, which adds quite a lot of kilos/pounds to the weight, but also more than a few dollars to the price.”

:: Antec Performance One P190

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