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Antec P180 has become a big success among users who want a quiet yet cool computer. Antec chose to work together with some of the experts of the community to be able to construct a good chassis and we dare to say they’ve succeeded, even if they had to adjust a glitch with the front. Now XYZ Computing made a visit in Antec’s booth during Digit Life and managed to get a few pictures of the new P190 case. This is a bit different from the last as it has been designed to fit two power supplis and a bit different cooling. The new model has a 200mm fan on the side and a 120mm in the top.

The case now comes with two power supplies, not redundant, which will share the workload. This will result in a total of 1200W and will be a cheaper alternative than one big power supply. Despite that we hear prices at up to $400, which sounds like quite a lot even though you get two power supplies.

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