Antec MicroFusion 350 Remote is a part of the Antec Veris multimedia series. It is specially designed for HTPCs, also known as Media Center PCs. This version is a slightly updated version of the MicroFusion 350, where the biggest difference is the Veris remote. We decided to look at the MicroFusion 350 Remote and see if it has what it takes to compete on the HTPC market, which comes with higher expectations and requirements than most other.

”An HTPC has to be clean and stylish, with many outputs for audio and video. The latter is of course largely reliant on the hardware you put in there, but there are still a certain amount of connectors that the case should have. Antec Veris MicroFusion 350 Remote is the very latest microATX HTPC case from Antec. It is an updated version of Veris MicroFusion 350, now with a Remote.”

 :: Antec MicroFusion 350 Remote Review

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