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The Performance One series from Antec is one of the most highly acclaimed cases we have today. Ranging from the smaller P150 up to the huge P190, they’ve all been well received by critics and consumers. Now that Antec launches yet another model of the Performance One series, it’s expanding with a smaller case. The P180 Mini is a shrink of the P182 (not the P180, you can tell by the different cable management).

It’s not an exact shrink though, because there are at least a few things that are different. The lower chamber is smaller and has only room for two harddrives, beside the power supply, but then the upper chamber has room for three more harddrives, which means that P180 Mini can house a total of five harddrives. That is, if you don’t use any of the three 5.25″ slots, which two more than I regularly use.


The side panel is the same as before and the fans are located where they should be. Since this is a smaller revision of the P182, you can only fit mATX motherboards in there.

We will have a review for you as soon as samples are available.


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