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Apple and Google have been quite successful in the past, at least with more than a few products. Apple has managed to grab a big share of the smartphone market but as both phone and operating system developer it is limited in its ability to spread. Google is working completely on its ability to spread with an open source code and the mobile phone operating system Android has been foretold a bright future.

Android is already an actor to reckon with and in Q2 2010 the so called Donut update is expected to take the operating system to a whole new level. Android 2.0 will be paired with a set of forty or so mobile phones next year.

According to analysts at Gartner Android will sail up to second place on the smartphone market with 14.5% market share in 2012. First place will be held by Symbian with a massive share of 39%. This means that Android, that today only has 2%, will climb past both iPhone and Windows Mobile.

Android will have moved up the most from 2009 to 2012, from sixth place to second. BlackBerry will have moved down the most, from second to fifth, while iPhone will remain in third position and Windows Mobile will remain in fourth position, Gartner says.

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