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Socket M2 has been the reason for many rumours since quite a while back but now it seems some of these rumours will receieve some substance. At Anandtech they’ve published an article that takes a closer look at AMD’s future plans and what platforms it will bring. Perhaps the biggest news is the transistion to Socket M2 from today’s Socket 939. Socket M2 will use 940 pins and brings support for DDR2. I.e. Socket M2 processors will be the first processorers from AMD with an integrated DDR2-memory controller.

Socket M2 should arrive during the second quarter of 2006 and except for support for DDR2 Socket M2 will bring new technologies such as ”Security and Virtualization”. the later is a technology earlier named Pacifica and will make it possible to run several operating systems at once. This canbe done already today but with direct hardware support this should work much better.

In Anandtech’s article you can find more information on AMD’s processorplans, not only for the desktopmarket but also mobile and serverbased products. So to you who are interested in knowing AMD’s future processors we highly recommend Anandtech’s article.


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