AMD takes every chance to steal some lime light from archrival Intel. Now that the chip giant is holding the Intel Developer Forum event next week AMD decides to make the first official demonstration of the mobile processor circuit Zacate, with games, video and flash on the schedule.

On September 13-15 AMD is expected to demonstrate its Zacata APU in San Fransisco, California, and the focus is on the performance of the circuit in mobile platforms. Zacate holds two AMD Bobcat x86 CPU cores, but also an integrated graphics processor supporting DirectX 11. Not surprisingly the graphics processor will get most of the attention.

  • Full HD streaming of online video, showing the versatility of ”Zacate” APU-based platforms for handling the most demanding multimedia tasks.
  • Demanding online games with high quality settings, to show off the DirectX 11 GPU of the ”Zacate” APU-based platform.
  • Preview of accelerated Internet browsing, showing how ”Zacate” APU-based platforms support the GPU-based browsing of the future today and how these platforms perform side by side with currently available AMD and Intel-based notebooks.

AMD Zacate has a TDP of 18 watt and will be appearing in notebooks and small stationary systems during the start of next year. The demonstration AMD will be offering next week will show what we, the consumers, can expect in early 2011 from AMD.


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