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Intel has been playing around with the DDR3 technology since the launch of the Intel series 3 chipset in Spring of last year. While it may have had a slow start, DDR3 did prove fast from the very start and has been catching up in price to DDR2. It’s still more expensive, but from a performance perspective it’s not such a big difference. AMD on the other hand has been playing the waiting game, but as Intel will unveil the Nehalem microarchitecture in Q4 2008, which will bring the DDR3 memory controller on-die, AMD will follow with its first DDR3 boards in Q1 2009.

The first AMD DDR3 boards will be based on the RD790 chipset paired with the SB750 southbridge, but in Q2 we should see the arrival of RD890 and the RS800 chipset, along with the SB800 southbridge. While SB750 is a mere improvement of the SB700, SB800 will add significant features. Among others PCIe 3.0, Fusion support, Ethernet MAC, integrated clock generator (optional);

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