Small preview imageAMD has started to gain a little on the extremely Intel-dominated servermarket for x86-systems. It was only a few years when AMD didnät even have an alternative for Intel’s Xeon-processors but with the introduction of Opteron it changed this. The development has been quite steady but especially revolting, mainly because of servermanufacturers distrust in AMD’s Opteron. It has been able to grow though and the latest statistics show that quite a lot has happened. As the new dual-core Opteron has been launched it looks like AMD is increasing and will keep doing so for some time.

According to Mercery Research it has managed to acquire a share of 11.2 percent of the x86-servermarket. A significant increase from the 7.4 units before the study.

”While vendors and customers have been impressed with Opteron, with only HP and Sun Microsystems doing most of the work, gaining share from Intel’s Xeon chip has proved difficult. AMD, however, enjoyed a sudden spike in processor sales largely on the back of its new dual-core Opteron chip – a product for which Intel has no real match.”

Intel doesn’t have an equivalent for AMD’s dual-core Opteron right now and we are really looking forward to new surveys later on that strengthen or questions these figures, because seems that Intel is starting to loose ground even at the home.

Source: The Register


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