AMD started shipping the first server processors based on Bulldozer in September, more precise Interlagos with up to 16 cores. The Valencia server processors with up to 8 cores has now appeared and it s at least 11 models, in the 4200 and 3200 series with ACP between 32-75W.

While we eagerly await the launch of Bulldozer in a week, the server models still haven’t been specified, which is normally the first to arrive. Interlagos is the code-name for AMD’s server processosr based on two Bulldozer circuits in MCM. Intarlagos comes in shapes of 4, 8, 12 and 16 cores. The four and eight core models are fo the cliends that doesn’t need many cores, but need the bandwidth from four memory channels. Interlagos uses Socket G34.

Valencia on the other hand is based on one Bulldozer circuit and will sport six to eight cores. It only supports two memory channels and uses Socket C32, where you can connect upt two processors on the same motherboard. Socket G34 and Interlagos supports four processors on one motherboards. The first Valencia models has been revealed by CPU World.

Model Cores Frequency ACP* TDP
Opteron 4226 6 2.7 GHz 75 Watt ?
Opteron 4228 HE 6 2.8 GHz 50 Watt 65 Watt(?)
Opteron 4234 6 3,1 GHz 75 Watt ?
Opteron 4238 6 3.3 GHz 75 Watt ?
Opteron 4256 EE 8 2.5 GHz 32 Watt 45 Watt(?)
Opteron 4274 HE 8 2.5 GHz 50 Watt 65 Watt(?)
Opteron 4280 8 2.8 GHz 75 Watt ?
Opteron 4284 8 3.0 GHz 75 Watt ?

All Opteron 4200 processors use Socket C32 and can run in 2P motherboards where you connect two processors. Then we have the Opteron 3200 series, that is identical to Opteron 4200, but only supports one processor per motherboard. It is thus a budget solution for servers and workstations, and comes with four and eight cores.

Model Cores Frequency ACP* TDP
Opteron 3250 EE 4 2.5 GHz 32 Watt(?) 45 Watt
Opteron 3260 EE 4 2.7 GHz 32 Watt(?) 45 Watt
Opteron 3280 HE 8 2.4 GHz 50 Watt(?) 65 Watt

While performance is not expected to chock and amaze, if we are to believe rumors, it will be energy efficient if we are to believe AMD’s numbers. Especially with the blog entry from AMD where it revealed it can restrict TDP when needed.

ACP is a bar set by AMD develop with partners, e.g. HP and Dell, for a more realistic number on the power consumption. TDP is a worst case scenario, and works as a recommendation for the cooling capacity and power consumption that will be used. ACP stands for Average CPU Power, and shows what the processors consume on average with different loads commonly used in servers and HPC markets. There is no way to translate ACP to TDP since it is different with each new architecture and family from AMD, but on average TDP is 40-50% above ACP.

From this we assume 32 W ACP = 45 W TDP, while 50 W ACP = 65 W TDP, but this is not something we can confirm today. AMD will release documentation when the processors are officially released, which should be any time now.


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