AMD’s mobile platform Sabine will officially launch on June 14th and house the new APU architecture Llano and the company chipset with USB 3.0 support. We expect to see three dual-cores and five 4-core models with a varying number of stream processors and clock frequencies.

AMD Llano will according to  Fudzilla make an entrance on June 14th and it will start with the mobile market. Where Llano for the desktop has gone we don’t know for certain, but AMD will release the platform code-named Lynx at a later date.

Modell A8-3530MX A8-3510MX A8-3500M A6-3410MX A6-3400M A4-3310MX A4-3300M E2-3000M
Cores 4 4 4 4 4 2 2 2
L2 Cache 4 x 1MB 4 x 1MB 4 x 1MB 4 x 1MB 4 x 1MB 2 x 1MB 2 x 1MB 2 x 512KB
Clock frequency 1,9 GHz 1,8 GHz 1,5 GHz 1,6 GHz 1,4 GHz 2,1 GHz 1,9 GHz 1,8 GHz
Turbo Core 2.0 2,6 GHz 2,5 GHz 2,4 GHz 2,3 GHz 2,3 GHz 2,5 GHz 2,5 GHz 2,4 GHz
Radeon HD6620G HD6620G HD6620G HD6520G HD6520G HD6400G HD6400G HD6300G
Radeon cores 400 400 400 320 320 240 240 160
GPU clock 444 MHz 444 MHz 444 MHz 400 MHz 400 MHz 444 MHz 444 MHz 400 MHz
Process 32nm 32nm 32nm 32nm 32nm 32nm 32nm 32nm
TDP 45W 45W 35W 45W 35W 45W 35W 35W

It is still very quiet about which notebooks that will launch on June 14th and the only one we have seen so far is HP Pavilion DV6-6110G with a price around 600€ with A6-3410MX together with a discrete graphics card, HD 6750M inside. So, for those who have waited, the wait is soon over and AMD now only has the Lynx platform to release before we will see the full on attack by the Fusion family, which AMD has been boasting since it acquired ATI in 2006.

Source: Fudzilla


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