Llano will be the first APU from AMD to target mid-range systems. With up to 4 Phenom II-based CPU cores and an integrated DirectX 11 GPU the new Fusion A series will go up against Intel’s new architectures, where AMD has already found uses that suits the APU better.

The processor maker has published a video comparison Youtube where in the one corner find a Llano APU and in the other Sandy Bridge from Intel. In a blog post AMD explains its strategy with AMD Llano APU where it has identified the performance needs of the x86 platform and PC, which became the base of the development of the new APU architecture.

AMD says that the actual CPU is sufficient as it is and users will not notice any differences during regular work and that instead focuses on the graphical qualities of the circuit.

”Our CPUs are not x86 slouches, but our goal is not to achieve x86 benchmark supremacy because it just doesn’t matter.  x86 performance no longer determines a consumer’s overall experience with their computer. The ability to handle graphics and video are much more critical,” skriver Godfrey Cheng från AMD

In the recently posted video comparison AMD emphasizes the advantages of the Llano APU with a special focus on the integrated graphics processors for 3D graphics and video playback. According to AMD’s video comparison an AMD Llano A8-3510MX APU will offer substantially better performance than Intel’s Core i7-2630QM CPU, while power consumption will actually be lower with the AMD system.

How AMD Llano stands up to equivalent Intel processors at launch is something we will investigate, but not surprisingly AMD is on the right path when it comes to the integrated performance at least.

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