AMD A8-3850 was released just recently and showed impressive results with the integrated graphics. AMD has released AMD Catalyst 11.6a hotfix to support the integrated graphics circuit Radeon HD 6550D and Radeon HD 6530D that are found in A8-3850, A8-3800, A6-3650 and A6-3600.

The new driver is available today and can be found at AMD’s website and supports the integrated graphics cirucit of the A series APUs. During our tests with similar drivers we experienced no real problems with the integrated GPU, but when we tried to run Dual-Graphics they surfaced.

During our tests it was hard to get Dual-Graphics to even work, and then the results were disappointing since it equaled a single HD 6670 or slightly better. In Civilization 5 it didn’t work at all and resulted in a crash. This is something AMD needs to work on and then we can perhaps revisit Dual-Graphics.

Those of you have Fusion A series APU can download the hotfix from HERE.


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