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During our tests of AMD’s new graphics card flagship, ATI Radeon HD 5870, we ran into some problems when overclocking our reference card. AMD’s Catalyst drivers only allowed, as usual, GPU clock frequencies up to 900MHz, which we achieved with ease. But those of us who are really looking to push Radeon HD 5870 higher there was no universal tool to rely on. There is now an updated version of AMD GPU Clock Tool that remedies this.

The applications was released yesterday, version, and not only supports Cypress/RV870 but also the mid-range Juniper chip that will launch later this year.

The new version will enable users to alter voltage and clock frequencies of AMD’s latest graphics card, but also monitor temperatures and fan speeds. We will be testing the new software and hopefully offer some juicy overclocking results soon.

More on AMD GPU Clock Tool and download the latest version.

Voltera VT1165 allows changes to voltages through software with AMD’s new 5800 cards


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