AMD currently offers four Fusion APUs. The energy efficient Brazos platform includes two Zacate circuits and two Ontario circuits. With a power consumption up to 18 watts the Zacate series has been the more popular and in Q3 two new models will come in the form of AMD E-450 and AMD E-300.

AMD focus on dual CPU cores based on the Bobcat architecture. What makes them different from current Zacate models E-350 and E-240 are clock frequencies, but the new top model E-450 will also get a tweaked GPU and better memory support. The power consumption is still set to max 18 watt, but to optimize performance AMD will introduce the Turbo CORE technology with the Fusion platform.

Through its Turbo CORE technology the APU circuits can improve their effective clock frequency automatically when the application requires it. Something AMD hopes till increase performance substantially even though the base clocks will not increase that much.


AMD E Series od Accelerated Processing Units for 2011
Model E2-3250 E-450 E-350 E-300 E240
Cores Husky Bobcat Bobcat Bobcat Bobcat
Core Count 2 2 2 2 1
Stream Core Count 160 80 80 80 80
Clock-Speed TBD 1.65GHz 1.60GHz 1.30GHz 1.50GHz
GPU Clock-Speed 443MHz 508/600MHz 492MHz 488MHz 500MHz
Radeon Brand HD 6370 HD 6320 HD 6310 HD 6310 HD 6310
Cache 1MB 1MB 1MB 1MB 512KB
Memory DDR3, 1600MHz DDR3, 1333MHz DDR3, 1066MHz DDR3, 1066MHz DDR3, 1066MHz
Process Technology 32nm 40nm 40nm 40nm 40nm
TDP 65W 18W 18W 18W 18W
Turbo Core TBD + +
Packaging FM1 FT1 FT1 FT1 FT1

Beside two new Zacate Fusion APUs AMD is also planning a Llano-based APU in the Fusion E series. AMD E2-3250 will be a stripped down version of Llano that will be an entry level alterantive for desktops. The APU will get dual Husky CPU cores and a DirectX 11 GPU with 160 stream processors. Also this circuit will launch in Q3 and be rated 65 watt.

Source: X-bit Labs


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