A few days ago AMD launched the new Phenom II X4 980 that is a quad-core processor at 3.7GHz and as usual it will replace the previous top model of the Phenom II x4 series. AMD has now cut prices of all processors, which is probably an attempt to empty out stock before the launch of Llano and Bulldozer, or that is starting to really feel the pressure from Sandy Bridge?

AMD has made some serious cuts throughout the assortment and both Athlon II and Phenom II in all shapes and sizes have been given a trim. Athlon II processors have been cut by 3 – 25.8%, while Phenom II have been cut by 5.7 – 39.4%.

Instead of talking percentages we can say that many Phenom II have been cut by 20€, while the dual-cores have been cut by 10€. Phenom II X6 1100T have been cut by 30€ and costs around 165€  now. Phenom II X4 905e that isn’t available everywhere dropped down to 165€. When it comes to Athlon II processors the differences are smaller overall but overall the processors have become 10€ cheaper, beside the X2 models that has also only gone down by around 5€.

The reason for the price cuts is probably because AMD is starting to feel the pressure from Intel Sandy Bridge and through a price cut it will keep its market shares. The second reason to consider is Llano and Bulldozer that is not far away and AMD intends to replace Phenom II and Athlon II at launch, which means all stock has to go.

Those who are looking to make a nice deal before the launch should perhaps wait a bit and wait for the retailers to adjust prices.

Source: AMD


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