AMD has launched Llano and we are now waiting for the next architecture, Bulldozer, to arrive. Besides AMD taking the very interesting CMT, or ”Module” technology to consumers retail the new Turbo Core 2.0 offers two modes depending on the situation.

We still don’t know how Bulldozer performas and the latest delay postponing the launch to late Summer points to that AMD is awaiting a new stepping to solve some minor bugs, but AMD has officially stated it is just a strategic move.

While we wait for more official information we have received more details on the new Turbo Core 2.0 technology that will be used in Bulldozer. AMD has been talking TDPs and the fact that they don’t reflect real world use. That a chip is rated 95W TDP doesn’t mean it consumes that much in everyday use, but is most likely much lower, it is more of a guideline to be used for partners and component makers.

Turbo Core 2.0 is designed to use the TDP and perform better depending on the load, but never break the given number Thanks to logic built into the processor.


The first square represent a server processor with 16 cores at stock frequency, while the second show all 16 cores running in a Turbo mode. The last one shows half the cores turned off C6 and Power-Gating and the other half in Turbo at ”up to 1 GHz”, which depends on the model.

It definitelylooks like AMD has remodeled the Phenom II X6 Turbo mode, which was rather poor, and the two modes means the technology will actually come to use. How the technology will manifest itself with Zambezi is unceratin, but considering these will only have 8 cores it should at least as good as the server version.

Source: Donanimhaber


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