Alien vs. Predator was one of the most talked about games when AMD planned to launch the DirectX 11 family Radeon HD 5000. The game would use some of the most advanced tessellation and shadow effects available with the new graphics API. The game has been out for around a month and even if the reception hasn’t been all praise it is still an interesting test for DirectX 11 graphics cards.  SEGA and Rebellion have now released a benchmark for those who want to see how their system would fair in the new game.

”Your DirectX 11 hardware also allows for higher quality, smoother and more natural looking shadows as well. DirectX 11 Advanced Shadows allow for the rendering of high-quality shadows, with smoother, artifact-free penumbra regions, which otherwise could not be realized, again providing for a higher quality, more immersive gaming experience.”

Alien vs. Predator also supports Eyefinity, which makes it possible to test the game with such a configuration if you own one.

Alien vs. Predator D3D11 Benchmark can be downloaded from  SEGA’s website

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