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AGEIA PhysX is so far the only dedicated PPU on the market and despite that the physics accelerator hasn’t become the standard, AGEIA has some great expectations. At ChileHardware they’ve had a chat with AGEIA and discussed the future of PhysX and what we can expect from its physics accelerator today. AGEIA emphasize that PhysX doesn’t just bring full support for Windows Vista and DX10 but also works really well with the new graphics interface. Drivers and software are ready, they are simply waiting for games supporting DX10 and PhysX. Another interesting topic is AGEIA’s venture with multi-PPU systems, as we’ve earlier reported.

It confirms that there are plans for supporting several PhysX cards working in parallel, just like SLI and CrossFire. There are no real revelations of details but it is certainly not sitting around waiting for software to arrive but is taking things into its own hands and is further developing its PhysX technology. Apparently, AGEIA is also considering integrating its PPU technology in mobile devices and other units. The entire interview can be found at ChileHardware, where you can find more information about AGEIA’s plans for the future.

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