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AGEIA has after a slow start started to realize that it has to do something about its product assortment if it wants to make its dedicated physics accelerator a part of the future. We’ve already reported about the price cuts AGEIA has made and this is truly just the beginning. The increasing competition from ATI and NVIDIA with their GPU-based physics solutions has made AGEIA rethink and now present the next step of its marketing plan. It will namely ship all PhysX cards with a big software package containing three of the games which supports AGEIA’s PhysX processor. The offer will be limited though and be called ”Fall for PhysX”.

”Games included in the bundle are: City of Villains, Bet on Soldier: Blood of Sahara and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. In addition, the bundle will also include a demo of CellFactor: Combat Training, a prequel to the highly anticipated CellFactor: Revolution game to be released later this year.”

The game package will according to AGEIA be worth up to 100 USD. And to those who appreciate the included games this adds quite a punch to the card. We’re eager to see how AGEIA will do and what kind of support it will get from the game developers and consumers. While at the same time, ATI and NVIDIA continues to work on their own solutions.

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