Xbitlabs has published an article where they benchmark the most price worthy CPUs of today. Among the contestants we can see a range of Celerons from the ”old” Willamette-version to the newer ones with the Northwood core. Together with the Pentium 1.8A, 2.4A, B and C they compete against AMD’s Athlon XP (1900+ to 2700+ Thoroughbred and 2500+ & 2800+ bartons).

”The CPU section of our site is mostly filled with reviews of the topmost processors of the moment, but you shouldn’t be misled to think that such products are the most popular in the market. Our exploration of the fastest CPUs available is interesting in the first hand because it gives us insights into newest technologies in the processor-making field. As for using such devices, which are extreme in two respects – performance and price, few people, mostly hardcore gamers, do buy and install them into their systems.”

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