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Overclocking competitions have become this year’s hot thing among PC component manufacturers and recently a real high-profile competition was held in Hong Kong. Advanced Overclocking Championships 2008 was organized by hardware site VR-Zone with the support from several leading companies. This year no less than 20 teams from different parts of the world participated. They were all given identical hardware and software before the competition.

The hardware;

Motherboard: Asus P5Q3 Deluxe
Processor: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770
Graphics card: Asus ENGTX280 TOP
Memory: Kingston HyperX DDR3
Harddrive: Western Digital VelociRaptor 10,000RPM HDD
Power supply: FSP Everest Pro 1200W

crotale’s and Elmor’s system in action

Most of the 20 overclocking teams consisted of familiar faces, known overclockers from around the globe, including the two Swedes. NordicHardware’s own processor guru and three-time overclocking champion, Robert ”crotale” Kihlberg and former top ranking overclocker Jon ”Elmor” Sandström were Team Sweden, which once again showed that Sweden is a high-ranking nation among overclockers. Of the 20 teams, they came second and shared a prize of 3000 USD. The winners were Team China that brought home a check for 5000 USD.

crotale and Elmor finished second out of 20 participating teams

The Chinese team – AOC 2008 Champions

The competition was held in a hot and moist mall in the middle of Hong Kong, but that didn’t stop the overclockers from achieving some really impressive results and we’re of course proud of our own overclockers defending the blue and yellow colors. Their experience from doing live overclocking at various events proved to be very important.

VR-Zone has published an article summarizing the competition and over at Bit-Tech they have some information on what happened during the event.


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