ABIT has changed their ways and are now releasing graphic cards based upon ATi chipsets. This in itself is not sudden or chocking news in any way, yet we received the official press release today.

For those of you who are eagerly awaiting a ABIT MAX4 based upon the nForce3 250 I can supply you with the following statement:
Please note that we’ll still design, manufacture, and market our NForce chipsets based mainboards.

A little of the important follows:
 ”Over the next few weeks, ABIT will add Radeon 9600XT and Radeon 9800XT cards to its VGA card lineup. ABIT is preparing for the next generation of VGA technologies, including PCI-X.”

Now I do not believe that it is PCI-X they mean but actually PCI Express.

As you can see it’s a reference card with a ABIT-sticker. Now we are hoping that in the future the cards will be built by ABIT themselves with nice features such as SiluroIQ and OTES-cooling and the like…


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