For rather obvious reasons we do not often release news of software here at NordicHardware. Of course there are always exceptions, and one such is of software strongly related to the hardware which is important for the hardware in a deeper sense.

Although Linux has offered a 64-bit solution in their kernel for some time, it is agreed that 64-bit processors will not become a mainstream processor until it can be utilized with a mainstream OS. I myself have no real troubles dabbling in these strange Unix based operative systems, but many have not the time, or the understanding, to be able to learn using them, instead putting their trust in OS’ such as Windows.

That the Windows XP64 beta is out is heard of by many, yet the tests of the OS are not as frequent. GamePC has taken a tryout on the XP64 beta though. And even though it performs slightly better than one might anticipate from a beta, its problems remain the same as the last release, namely its drivers.

If you want to know more of the XP64 Build 3790 then you’ll find it here.


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