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A-DATA seems to be prepared for the next generation DDR-SDRAM technology already and even if it should take a while before it will arrive, AMD jumped onto DDR2 as late as about two weeks ago, it’s never wrong being prepared. A-DATA will, according to information, display DDR3 memory modules at Computex on June 6 and these will be 1GB DDR3-1066 modules using a 240 pin interface. The DDR3 technology is expected to offer considerably higher frequencies than 1GHz though, DDR3 is expected to scale well up to 1600MHz, if not more. That the transition to DDR3 will go faster than the one to DDR2 did for AMD is not a wild guess.

AMD’s K8L architecture will most likely be able to use DDR3-SDRAM in 2008. Intel seems to have delayed its DDR3 plans until the end of 2007, and by then the modules will be ready and available.


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