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Ubuntu 7.10, also known as ”Gutsy Gibbon,” will introduce several new features, and one of them is the displayconfig-gtk. This new utility is a bit like the display control panel of Windows, or the control panel designed by NVIDIA or the Catalyst Control Center by ATI, for their respective graphics cards. displayconfig-gtk allows you to make changes to xorg.conf through a simply GUI. Changes such as changing resolution, fiddling with your dual monitors and even switch graphics card drivers. While Ubuntu 7.10 will not include Xserver 1.4, it will include many of the 7.3 components and there will be some backporting in the near future. The reason Xserver 1.4 wasn’t included is becuase it was finalized after the feature freeze of Gutsy Gibbon.

Over at Phoronix they’ve taken a look at the new displayconfig-gtk and it certainly looks promising. Being the first version it is far from complete, but contains the most basic, needed and wanted features of a display control panel.

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