”ABIT is probably not a name that many of you are unfamiliar with. Always innovating and striving for top performance, ABIT has been an industry leader for over 15 years. When you think about the top enthusiast-oriented motherboard and video card manufacturers, ABIT will definitely make the list. The company produces many of the best performing products on the market.”

Bjorn3D takes a look at ABIT’s AA8 DuraMAX based on the 925X chipset. ABIT keeps up with old standards and still manages to impress.

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ocmodshop.com on the other hand has taken a closer look at Albatron’s PX915G Pro, whoch you can tell by its name is built on the little sister 915G chipset.

”This motherboard has a lot of connections on the back of it. Aside from the PS/2, serial, parallel ports which are common to most motherboards there is also onboard video, 7.1 audio, gigabit NIC, 10/100 NIC, and four USB 2.0. Onboard video is nice for lower end systems which will save some people money on buying a separate video card. The socket is one of the biggest changes that comes with the new LGA775 standard. There are now shorter capacitors around the socket and four holes for mounting the heatsink.”

While the AA8 DuraMAX was an excellent overclocker Albatron’s card falls a little short in that department, but if we are to expect the same strategy as before from Albatron their board will probably be available at a very reasonable price, thus a good choice for low/mid end consumers.

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