Small preview image45 000 dollar is the price of what Douglas.J Music Group calls the world’s most expensive MP3-player. The player is called The Presidental and is marketed as a luxurious gadget for the filthy rich. At CoolTechZone they have posted some info about this ridiculously expensive MP3-player that we unfortunately don’t have any more detailed information about. The specifications can’t be accessed if you don’t buy a ”Gold Card” for £50 ~ $85.

The player is delivered personally by Douglas.J Music Group to your door which most likely will cost them a lot, we are seriously ondering how much this player really costs to make. We are guessing there is quit a margin , even if they are covered with diamonds and other similar things.

”You choose between white gold and yellow gold for your exterior. The next stage is choosing the diamond configurations outlined in our Hansel & Gretel range. Details of the full range are given to prospective buyers.”

Source: CoolTechZone


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