Apple has made a whole lot of more or less suspect statements in coherence with the release of the famous G5. Among other things they said that they had the first 64-bit system for home users. (Which was untrue.) But as usual it was also statements about performance which felt a bit strange.

Mac is said to be the obvious choice for those who run multimedia applications (image and video editing etc.) and therefore Rob Galbraith has tested a couple of different configurations of both PC’s and Mac’s in a total of 77 tests. The result is pretty embarrasing for Apple’s double G5’s at 2 GHz each. In 58 of the tests they are over run and in the rest of the 19 tests there are some parts where the two fighters are performing almost equally.

My question is of course: Why pay more for lerss? But, this will hardly affect any of all the Mac fans out there. On them no tests bite. 😉

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