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Flatscreen TVs have become synonyms to the LCD and Plasma technologies, but even if these are the most common commercial solutions there are other under development. One of these is organic LED (OLED), a technology e.g. Samsung is experimenting with. The technology is used quite frequently on the mobile market but larger OLED monitors are still quite rare. The technology has been under development for some time now and now during a technology event in Korea, Samsung displayed its AMOLED series; an OLED TV that shows off the advantages of the technology when compared to LCD. First of all the TV is only 12mm thick, which really redefines the word flatscreen.

The 17″ monitor has a resolution at 1600×1200 pixels and a contrast ratio of 1000:1, which is not that bad. What stands out though is the response time; the AMOLED series has a response time at only 0.01ms,. The fastest LCD monitors of today have a response time at 1-2ms. Whether the AMOLED series will appear on the commercial market remains to be seen, but it’s nice to see that the development is going forward, but there is still one big drawback with it. The monitor can only display 262,000 colors, which is far from enough today.

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