NordicHardware – 11 years of computer hardware

2011 NordicHardware is celebrating its 11th anniversary as an online magazine about computer hardware and it has been one of the leading actors on the web in Sweden. Reviews, news articles, community, a large computer building school together with the aim to be the leading media in hardware news in Sweden, has been the main focus. NordicHardware is an enthusiast based magazine where we focus on enthusiasts along with our content which is consumer guided with product reviewing, comparing products against each other and articles about new technology. NordicHardware is also running the annual Swedish Championship in Computer Performance, where we crown the very best overclockers in Sweden. The events are broadcasted live over the web and the prices are potent.  The 2011 years edition is the 10th consecutive event. NordicHardware is run in two languages, English and Swedish.

The people behind NordicHardware are dedicated enthusiasts that love new technology and the culture surrounding computers and its history. In our opinion we are the only Swedish media who put this focus ahead of everything else. Today its rather a rule than exception that actors put economic interests in front of the best interest of the community and to us it´s important to be the ones that hold the enthusiast banner the highest. This is a proud tradition since the beginning 11 years ago and we intend to continue in that path.

The editorial section at is run by Editor-In-Chief Andreas Galistel. The editorial section at is run by Editor-In-Chief Anton Karmehed. NordicHardwares offices and testlabs are located in Halmstad and Malmö but there is also a smaller editorial section in Stockholm, from where NHTV is run under leadership of Jonas Klar. NordicHardware is owned and run by the founder Henrik Berntsson and the Editor-In-Chief of the Swedish NordicHardware, Anton Karmehed. The company is located in Halmstad, Sweden.


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