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The feeling and overall experience of playing a video and PC games is becoming all the more important, and TN Games has decided to take things up a notch. The 3RD Space Vest is no less than a clothing, a vest, containing sensors and technology that will give physical feedback. In other words you will feel it when you travel fast or make a special move. TN Games has been working on the gaming vest for a while and it now supports over 20 different games, among World of others Warcraft and Call of Duty 4. The vest will be sold with FPS game Incursion and a special version of Call of Duty II during the holiday shopping. Press release after the break;

Every Gamer Dreams of ‘Feeling’ the Action … TN Games 3RD Space Vest Transforms Gaming Reality at Toy Wishes Holiday Preview!

Over 20 Popular FPS and RPG Video Game Titles Supported Including World of Warcraft™, Call of Duty® 4, Bioshock™ and Many More!

Toy Wishes Holiday Preview 2008

NEW YORK-TN Games, developer of the gaming industry’s most innovative and progressively advanced physical experience hardware and software technologies, today will delight gaming media and enthusiasts by showcasing their patented 3RD Space FPS Vest and their new multi-player first person shooter game, Incursion, generating an experience like nothing else at Toy Wishes Holiday Preview, on October 7, 2008, Booth 134 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. Both the TN Games premier title game Incursion and a 3RD Space enabled version of Activisions Call of Duty II game will be bundled together and shipped with TN Games 3RD Space Vest for this holiday season. The vest is available in black, digital camouflage, and pink and comes in two highly adjustable sizes ensuring a comfortable, custom fit and is available for $169.00 at J&R Music and Computer World,,, and

TN Games 3RD Space is elite cutting edge technology for our PC based audience and works in both single and multiplayer versions of supported games for more fun, realism, and social interaction. In addition to the bundled Call of Duty® 2 and Incursion, the 3RD Space Vest works with over 20 of the most popular game titles including: Bioshock; Blacksite Area 51; Call Of Duty® 4; Clive Barker’s Jericho; Crysis; Doom 3; Enemy Territory Quake Wars; Fable®; F.E.A.R; Frontlines – Fuel of War; Rainbow Six® Vegas 2; Halflife 2 – Episode 1; Halflife 2 – Episode 2; Mass Effect; Medal Of Honor Airborne; Prey; Quake 4; TimeShift; Turok; Turning Point – Fall Of Liberty; Unreal Tournament 3; You Are Empty; and World of Warcraft.

Most recently, TN Games has created an enhanced 3RD Space software driver to support RPGs video games including Fable and World of Warcraft (WoW), which has over 10 million users and will offer these players fantastic contact effects as well as a physical sensory experience linking a new meaning and signature to magic spells and powers, while enhancing the intensity and fun of game play.

Our passion is to develop visionary sensory gaming products that blur the lines between virtual and physical reality, creating an unprecedented entertainment experience, said Dr. Mark Ombrellaro, CEO, TN Games. The 3RD Space Vest offers a new level of interactive entertainment for gamers this holiday season and is compatible with over 20 game titles this holiday season. Gamers are constantly seeking a more active entertainment experience and ways to become increasingly engaged with the game.

TN Games patented impact-generating 3RD Space technology utilizes a quiet and durable air source to fire 8 pneumatic cells embedded in the vest. The cells are designed to simulate the direction and force of bullet fire in a first-person shooter game.

In addition, a wide array of sensory experiences, from explosions to fear-inducing finger taps on the gamers shoulders can be experienced with the 3RD Space FPS Vest. The game driver software that adds effects to other titles can be downloaded for free at

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About TN Games

Based in Redmond, Washington, TN Games develops computer hardware and software products that enhance the realism of entertainment media through advanced sensory experiences. Our mission is to develop visionary products and technologies that ultimately blur the lines between reality and virtual reality. Our focus is in developing unique, wearable, human interface products with the ability to create 3 dimensional impact, force, and environmental effects that are useful across a broad range of entertainment, training, and military applications. Our products are meant to expand the creative expression of our industry partners but most importantly, bring a unique, intense, and fun gaming experience to our customers. The 3RD Space Vest is available at J&R Music and Computer World,,, and For more information, please visit

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