Small preview imageThermalRock Mystic is the latest addition to chassi manufacturer ThermalRock, a subdivision to ThermalTake. We have earlier Mystic is not an ordinary PC-chassi but a HTPC-model. In other terms it’s suppose to be a part of the other home electronics, home cinema if you will, in the living room. A clean and strict design is keyword for HTPCs at least to us at NH, but the people at ThermalRock seems to disagree.


ThermalRock Mystic is namely not a shy creation and if you fit this chassi in your stereo bench it won’t fit in all that nicely. They have fitted quite a few light effects on the front which many probably could do without but other than that it’s quite interesting whether this is the right way to design a HTPC-chassi. But as we all now tase can be very varying.

Source: ThermalRock

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