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Solidata isn’t one of the most famous Solid State Drive manufacturers and when it recently unveiled the new P2 series we nearly missed them. The specifications are rather sub-par at 90MB/s read speed and 70MB/s write speed. But then we noticed that Solidata’s 2.5″ P2 devices use the older PATA interface. In other words, Solidata is one of few SSD manufacturers that still cares for older PCs where SATA was yet to be introduced.

Perhaps there are users who prefer the older, big flat PATA cables over the slim and convenient SATA cables. The drive weight at 75g and maximal power consumption at 0.5W makes Solidata’s MLC-based SSDs an interesting upgrade for older systems. The P2 series is available at 32GB and 64GB storage capacities, but we don’t know the prices.

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