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Those of you who are old enough to have experienced the video games era that was the nineties, knows that Sega has produced some really wonderful consoles, the DreamCast above all. Alas it was the last stationary console to come from Sega and it will remain so, but according to a story over at the Register, Sega is planning to return to the console market with a new portable device that plays games. It’s not a PSP competitor though, and only plays Java games.

Sega will dub the “player”, Sega Vision, and much like the PlayStation Portable it will play both games (kind of) and movies, but also features built-in camera and TV tuner for an improved list of features. It also features a book reader to make it a complete portable multimedia machine together with the music support. Sega sees it a portable media player more than anything and it should not be considered a return to making console hardware again.

No technical specifications are available at this time, nor the price. According to the second story over at rpgsite, it’s more or less just a rebranded media player spawning from one of the many factories in China producing cheap iPod lookalikes. It launches next year.

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