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Just a few days after we hear that NVIDIA can present the “GT200” whenever it feels like it, we hear that NVIDIA will instead shrink the G92 chip to 55nm and use that to fight RV770. VR-Zone has the story where they assume 55nm G92 desktop chips are in the making as mobile such are certain to arrive soon. Even though we do agree that NVIDIA are desperate to improve the poor yields, we’re not so certain that a 55nm desktop chip is actually being considered by NVIDIA. But when you also consider the latest information on the GT200 chip, this may very well be the case.

While NVIDIA is dominating the market, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s making more money. AMD has superb yields with the RV670 chip, while G92 yields are not more than poor to average last we heard. RV770 yields are also great, which was to expect considering how much alike the RV670 it is when it comes to the making of the chips.

A while back, an NVIDIA engineer revealed that the troubled start for the GeForce 8800GT was costly for NVIDIA, and it was, more or less, all due to a lack of chips. AMD was able to squeeze out twice as many cards in the same amount of time. The huge lead NVIDIA has right now is most likely not one to stay for long. AMD expects to gain and have an equal market share by the end of the year. All thanks to the R700 family and its superb yields.

At the same time, FUD has posted a story that says that GT200 is not due until late Q3. Way behind the launch of RV770 in June. This certainly makes AMD’s claims of a 50-50 market share before the end of the year a lot more plausible. The story of GT200 being ready whenever NVIDIA feels like it was based on a statement made an NVIDIA partner during CeBIT. We will just have to wait and see who’s right and who’s wrong.

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