It seems that NVIDIA believed that RV770 would only have 480 shader processors, and only be a modest upgrade of the RV670 core. This is suppose to be one of the reasons for the rather high prices of the GeForce GTX cards, that and the ridiculous manufacturing costs. Now that it has been unveiled that RV770 does not have 480 shader processors, but rather 800, it seems NVIDIA might lower the price of the GeForce GTX 260 to make it a bit more appealing in comparison to Radeon HD 4870. We’re hearing $399 from more than one source, but we’re also hearing that Radeon HD 4870 might not come as cheap as hoped, $349. The GeForce GTX prices are expected to stay put for a long time, but AMD has every possibility to lower the prices of its new graphics cards, if sales are slow, without losing much money.

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