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NVIDIA hasn’t been acquired by Intel, which some rumors claimed would happen after that AMD bought ATI, instead it has now made a purchase of its own. It has been able to make a deal with circuit manufacturer PortalPlayer, which is best known for making the system circuits used by Apple’s 5th generation iPod and SanDisk’s Sansa e200 series. PortalPlayer focuses on system-on-chip circuits and this is something NVIDIA is eager to pair up with its graphics circuit development for future mobile projects.

“With this acquisition, we are combining the two essential technologies of next-generation PMPs, PDAs, portable game players, and phones: PortalPlayer’s innovative Application Processor technology and NVIDIA’s industry-leading GPU technology. With the products created through this combination, we intend to drive the next digital revolution, where the mobile device becomes our most personal computer.”

NVIDIA has acquired PortalPlayer for 357 million dollar, 13.50 dollar per stock. This is 20% higher than what PortalPlayer’s stock was valued at at the time of the purchase, which we can’t imagine the stock holders disapproved of.

Now we’re just curious to see what NVIDIA will do with PortalPlayer’s technology and how fast it will be able to spawn a product using it.

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