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Yesterday Apple unveiled a new version of iPod Shuffle. The tiny mp3 player without display has been popular among those who want a simple and minimalistic player without any fancy features. The news of the new model are many. On the outside it has been smaller and a new shape, but on the inside there are more news. More information and pictures after the break.

It weighs only 10.7 gram and measures 4.5 cm x 1.75 cm x 0.76, which means that is almost ridiculously small, for better and for worse.

iPod shuffle är inte stor

The memory capacity is still 4GB, other news include multiple playlists and that all buttons are now on the earphone cord. The bit of news Apple emphasize the most is that the player now talks back to you. It can read song title, playlist, battery time and more on 14 different languages. A convenient function for a player that lacks screen and keeps shuffling songs back and forth.


iPod Shuffle


The price of the new player is $79, whether it is reasonable is up to you. Interesting initiative from Apple and the only thing we can say is really poor is the battery time, only 10 h, which may very well be because of the mere size of the player.

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