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We earlier reported on how Sapphire had shown two mini-ITX motherboards at CeBIT, for the elder Socket AM2 market and not really for the retail market. Sapphire isn’t the only company that appreciates the minimalistic motherboard format. Both Unicorn and Jetway displayed motherboards of the mini-ITX formfactor during CeBIT this year. Unicorn displayed at least ten mini-ITX motherboards for different platforms. Intel Core 2 Duo, VIA C7, VIA V4 Eden and Socket AM2 were all represented.

Bu you could also see integrated boards with Intel’s N270 Atom processor, which is becoming a commodity on this market.

Unicorn’s mini-ITX armada

Jetway had a similar setup of motherboards with lots of mini-ITX models and both single and dual-core Atom processors could be found on more than one board. But it represented chipsets from four different manufacturers; Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and VIA.

Interesting acquaintances include the VIA Nano L2200 processor that had been paired with the VIA VX800 chipset. Or why not quad-core Opteron processors that plays with either NVIDIA or AMD-based chipset, all in mini-ITX format.

Quad core Opteron playing with AMD 780G+SB700 in mini-ITX format

The fact that small computers are more popular than ever have resulted in a greater selection and we can only hope that this trend continues with more and better motherboards for the minimal PCs.

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