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Fujitsu and its harddrive section have not made much fuzz lately. It has been focusing exclusively on the SCSI market, but even there things have not gone as well as it had hoped. Fujitsu has now announced that it is planning to sell off its harddrive business to another harddrive manufacturer, Western Digital by the looks of it. They are expected to complete the sale before the end of the and the deal is expected to cost WD almost $1 billion.

The harddrive business has a revenue of about $3.1 billion, and the package deal would include plants in Thailand and the Philippines. Fujitsu will also ask Western Digital to continue employ the 15,000 workers, but whether WD accepts or not is not foretold. If they do, Fujitsu’s organization should remain unchanged for the time being, but we would be very surprised if it remains so for long.

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