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Biostar has been getting a lot better at giving the enthusiasts what they want and the Tpower P45 is widely acknowledged as a supreme motherboards for FSB overclocking. With the upcoming Intel X58 platform and Core i7 processors we’re very eager to learn what this relatively inexperienced motherboard manufacturer, when it comes to enthusiast motherboards, will bring to the market. Matbe has posted specifications and pictures of Biostar’s X58 motherboard that is simply called TPower X58. Intel X58 is an enthusiast chipset and it becomes quite obvious when you look at the motherboard Biostar is about to launch.

It of course supports Intel’s new LGA1366 processors with 6.4GT/s QPI bus and has 12 phase power supply for the Core i7 processors. Which may not sound as beefy as the 16 phase system ASUS and Gigabyte have displayed, but we are fairly certain they will be sufficient.

As expected, the motherboard sports six DDR3 memory slots that will fit perfectly with the triple channel memory controller inside Core i7 processors. Interestingly, Biostar specifies support for DDR3 1333/1666/2000, which is well beyond the official specifications from Intel. Other interesting features include three PCI Express 16x slots for either SLI or CrossFireX and dual GbE controllers.

The cooling is handled by a passive low-profile heatpipe solution, the low profile makes sure that no graphics card will be hindered. There will be more on Biostar and other manufacturer’s Intel X58 motherboards soon, so keep your eyes open.

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