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    Problem with a router

    I just bought a router, so that I can split my ADSL-line between my two computers. I plugged it in, and behold, nothing worked. A few cokes later, I got the router to atleast send data between the two computers, but I cant manage to get my router to connect to internet. The WAN-light is glowing with a constant glow, but I cant seem to connect to internet.
    I have a SMC70004VBR and a D-Link 300I. Any thoughts?

    EDIT: Just saw the forum for routers. Could a mod please move this? ops:

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    This should be easily solved by checking the manual
    But I assume you already did that...
    Have you httped your own internal IP ( and checked the settings there? Maybe the router is blocking everything right now...

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    I agree with Lurifax,

    You should go in to the configuration tool for the router and check it out =)

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    I would do that, but it wont allow to access that page :/

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    Knuckles, did you get your router working?
    I have the same model, it takes forever to connect once you set it up.

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