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Thread: Forum Wars 2007

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    Forum Wars 2007

    I thought I Posted an Invitation here, but I guess I misplaced it....

    All are welcome to Forum Wars 2007

    So far we have Team commitments from...

    Asus Independent
    PC Pitstop
    OverclockerZ Forum
    Overclockers Club
    The Raptor Pit
    Tecno Computer Italia
    Techzone (interested)
    AwardFabrik Forum (interested)
    PC Apex Forums (interested)
    Dev Hardware Forums (interested)
    Extreme Systems (interested)
    Techsweden (interested)
    Hardware Asylum (interested)
    Tiburcc.it (might be interested)
    hardware.no (might be interested)
    SOJ (might be interested)
    OCXtreme (might be interested)
    HardwareAnalysis (might be interested)

    We hope you can put together a team in time
    We begin June 29th...

    Geil Memory and Maximum PC are the main sponsors..
    and we got some decent prizes to give away by random drawing.
    here's a link to the rules..


    we hope to break some world records this year...
    you guy's got some great OC'ers
    Hope to get you signed up soon...

    crotale... we got a class just for you

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    It's right here: http://www.nordichardware.com/forum/forum-wars-2007-competition-vt8391.html

    We're still interested

    We should have a team ready for the 29th.

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    "You are our Swedish superhero "

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