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    9700 and high fsb`s..!!!!

    Most off that went from GF4 to Radeon....noticed that Radeons are very sensitive to hight fsb....or should I say...low ratios...that meakes the agp buss very high.
    For example my GF4 4600 could as high as 95 on the agp buss....whilst my Radeon 9700 Pro wouldnt boot over 80...and wont go stable above 78.

    How about yours....what buss speed does your radeon craps on..??
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    Re: 9700 and high fsb`s..!!!!

    hmm... I will get my GF4 next week... just a MX.. but it will do for me...
    I will tell youthen how high the AGP want to go...
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    Doesn´t anyone own a gfx card...????
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    Not altered my FSB (I'm too weedy)

    Ok my mobo is setup as default, no overclocking shenanigans there. This I'm sure will surprise and dissapoint the hardcore Oc out there.
    I'm running;
    SOYO KT333 Dragon Ultra Platinum
    512mb Samsung PC2700
    Radeon 9700 Pro
    Coolercase Extreme Case

    So far all I've really extended to is some mild tinkering with Rage3D Tweak, yeah Mr Adventurous I know. My chassis temp is normally a couple of degrees Celcius above ambient and my CPU runs about eight degrees C higher than the chassis, so low to mid 30s.
    If anyone has got any feedback on how far the Radeon can go with this tweaker I'd be very appreciative, although I think it may be a case of suck it and see :?
    Also anyone using a similar setup that has had promising Oc results I be equally gratefull for your guinnea pig sacrifices

    Great website btw

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    Hello Rumadiam! Welcome To The Forum!

    I´m sure some of the guys here can help you!

    Thnx alot!

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    rumadiam.. HI and agin welcome to the forums.

    Your rigg looks nice...some god performance you got there.

    About your gfx card....and R3D Tweak. I´m sorry to say that I have never used that tweak app. I tried Radeonator....after fiddeling around with it for a while...I droped it. Somehow I din´t like it.
    As for overclocking the card I use powerstrip...wich in my opinion is the best. And thats the only tweak I do to my gfx and its drivers.

    About how high your card will go is hard to say...because it warys very much. But you should expect "atleast" 320/680.....tha is if you have good case cooling.
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    Have my testicles grown?

    So I figured "what the hell" and have been trying a bit of this overclocking malarky.

    I've upped the FSB to 152, leaving the CPU mulitplier at auto. This has given me a jump from 1.8 GHz to 2.05GHz

    If I go any higher then the CPU starts, and I can get the post screen, but windows wont load, so I'm not sure if this is related to the Radeons not liking too high a FSb as the thread topic title suggested :?

    As for tweaking the Radeon. I've upped the Core clock to 371.3Mhz and the Memory clock to 360MHz.

    I'll post back if the whole thing melts

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    yeah keep us posted =)

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    My Leadtek Ti-4600 made 88 Mhz on the AGP-bus for half a year (I forgot to divide the pci/agp-speed), with out any problems... I probably have the nice colling to thank for that, cause it was bit hot during summer
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